Blau del Mas


A blue cheese with a creamy, soft texture from the Stilton family.

A whole piece of Blau del Mas weighs approximately 3.5 kg. Select the format of your Balu del Mas.


Our blue cheese is inspired by the English Shropshire Blue, from the eponymous region of central England, home to the best Stilton in the country.

It is precisely between Stilton and Cheshire where the Blau del Mas is located, in terms of taste and texture. Its characteristic orange color is obtained with the natural dye Annatto, adding it to the raw cow’s milk together with the animal rennet, the ferments and the salt. From here, the production process is very similar to that of Stilton, with a slow acidification for a whole day.

The maturation in the cave lasts a minimum of two months, so that the natural crust develops and the blue lumps grow inside.

Texture: It is a semi-hard, creamy and soft cheese.

Color: Orange thanks to the Annatto, with the characteristic blue lumps distributed inside.

Taste: Creamy, with a characteristic spiciness.


Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth


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