Artesans dels Avalls was founded in 2020, with the inauguration of the first cheesemaking plant in the farmhouse of Can Carbassa, in Terrades. Phil Roberts combined his pioneering spirit with the charm of the Empordà lands that have been his home for the last 30 years to produce his first artisanal cheeses.

We are a family business dedicated to creating high quality products while staying true to our principles: sustainability, quality and a job well done.
Our range includes four types of raw cow’s milk cheese: Blau del Mas, Tomme de Terrades, Clar dels Avalls and L’Eixart. The milk used is of local origin and of high quality, essential for the production of excellent cheeses.

Our Cheese

All our cheeses are made with raw cow’s milk from a single herd from a local Empordà dairy farm. The milk is collected every morning at 7am milking time and is in the cheese vat within half an hour of collection. All our cheeses are made entirely by hand. No mechanical processes are used.

blau del mas

Our blue cheese takes its inspiration from the English Shropshire Blue. It is precisely between Stilton and Cheshire where the Blau del Mas is located, in terms of taste and texture. Its characteristic orange color is obtained with the natural dye Annatto……

tomme de terrades

Tomme is a cheese of French origin from the Alpine region of Savoy. However, there are also varieties from the Pyrenees. Our 3-month-old Tomme has a very elastic texture and a fruity flavor, typical of this type of cheese …..

clar dels Avalls

Clar dels Avalls is a type of Caerphilly, originally from the village of the same name in Wales, in a region with a strong mining tradition. Its rapid maturing means that it can be eaten after only 2 weeks of ageing. We are in no hurry and we prefer to let our Clar stay a minimum of 3 months in the cave to give it ample time to develop all its complexity of texture and flavour….


L’Eixart is a cheese based on the classic Cheshire, which hails from the region in northwest England of the same name, where its popularity once rivalled that of Stilton and Cheddar. In its country of origin the cheese is wrapped in cloth soaked in animal fat. We prefer to use virgin olive oil which give L’Eixart its characteristic clean, yellowy rind.

Visit Us

If you would like to visit us we would be more than happy to show you round our installations. You can also taste our cheeses straight from the cave and buy direct from us.

We are located “off-grid” on a forest path which runs at the foot of the Serra dels Avalls, from El Sanctuari de La Salut to the village of Les Escaules.

Access can be difficult at times so please call us or Whatsapp beforehand on +34 600 816 174 to arrange your visit. We can pick you up or if you prefer it’s a very pleasant 20 minute walk through the pine forests to reach us.

NOTE: GOOGLE will probably direct you through the village of Les Escaules. We recommend you continue through Boadella to the GI-504 where you can access the forest road close to La Salut near Terrades.

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