Xedolí is based on cheddar – the best known and most international of english cheeses.

We make Xedolí with raw cow’s milk, adding beef rennet, yeast and salt. The curds are cooked to a temperature of 40C for up to an hour.

After cooking, the curd is cut then into blocks, stacked the cheddaring process is followed until the desired acidity and humidity are obtained. We then salt and mold it then press for 24 hours.

We then wrap each piece with a cloth soaked with olive oil, (hence the name), which gives a very clean skin after ripening.

The cheese is matured for a minimum of 6 months in our cave.

Format: 4kg whole cheeses.

Texture: It is a hard cheese, with some elasticity.

Color: Yellowish white, pale yellow – darkening with age. More orange and yellowish variants are obtained by adding the natural dye annatto.

Taste: Intense and salty, full-bodied taste. Notes of fruit and nuts and with a slight piquancy.