Les Escaules is the name of our neighbouring village.

It is on the very popular Red Leicester, originally from the region of central England – the city of Leicester.

We make Roig Les Escaules with raw cow’s milk, adding beef rennet, yeast and salt. Its red/orange color comes from the natural dye – Annatto.

The same manufacturing process is followed as cheddar but with slightly less acidification, and the curds are cooked at a lower temperature which gives it a softer texture.

After cheddaring, the durds are finely milled and pressed it with a high weight for 24 hours. We then wrap each piece with a cloth soaked in olive oil, which givea a clean rind after ripening.

Texture: It is a friable cheese, similar in texture to its cousin the Eixart, but less crumbly.

Color: Red, orange.

Taste: Complex, balanced, smooth, slightly sweet. Hints of nuts.