Eixart in Catalan means graft, symbolizing the grafting of this Catalan cheese on a British root.

It is a cheese based on the highly popular Cheshire, originally from the region in northwest England of the same name, where it sits alongside other cheese such as Stilton and Cheddar. The 13th century industrial revolution gave great economic and political power to the Cheshire region, allowing local cheese to be exported to the rest of the country, giving rise to its great popularity. Today few Cheshires are made at the artisan level in the UK.

We make L’Eixart with raw cow’s milk, adding calf rennet and starter culture. After curdling the curds are cut and slowly drained allowing them to reach the required acidity for this type of cheese. After dry salting , we mould it and press it with a heavy weight for 24 hours. We then wrap each piece with a cloth soaked in olive oil, which keeps the rind clean and yellowy during the maturing process which lasts a minimum of 3 months in the cave.

Format: Whole cheeses of 4kg.

Texture: It is a crumbly, brittle cheese and much less elastic than its cousin the Cheddar.

Colour: Yellowish white, pale peach. More orange and yellowish varieties can be obtained by adding the natural dye annato.

Taste: A subtle balance between a fresh acidity and a savoury warmth.