The inspiration for the name comes from the second name of the second daughter of the family (Clara), which in Catalan perfectly reflects the color of the cheese, together with the Sierra dels Avalls, the cliff which overlooks the  estate and is a landmark for the region.

The Clar dels Avalls is a type of Caerphilly, which is originally from the village of the same name in South Wales – a region with a strong mining tradition. It is cheese which can be eaten after only two weeks, which meant that, compared to its close relation Cheddar, it gained immense popularity among the mining community.

Clar dels Avalls is made from from raw cow’s milk, animal rennate, start culture and salt. This type of cheese is different in that the curds are dry salted and then  after pressing  for twelve hours,  salted again by immersing in brine for six hours. The cheeses are matured at 11-12ºC in the cave for at least 2 months, during which time the natural rind grows light grey moulds and takes on its characteristic earthy taste.

Format: Whole cheeses 4kg

Texture: It is a crumbly, brittle and creamier cheese than its cousin L’Eixart.

Color: White in the center to yellowish near the rind.

Taste: In the center it has a very milky and creamy taste, as we get closer to the rind it becomes saltier and more earthy.