Our blue cheese is inspired by the English Shropshire Blue.

In terms of taste and texture our Blau del Mas is somewhere between Stilton and Cheshire.  The characteristic orange color is obtained using the natural dye Annatto, by adding it to the raw cow’s milk together with the animal rennet, the starter culture and the penicillium roqueforti. From here on, the production process is very similar to that of Stilton, with a slow acidification which can last a whole day.

After five weeks in the cave, the cheese is pierced with a metal skewer so that air can get inside and the characteristic blue veins can begin to grow.

Maturing in the cave lasts a minimum of three months, so that the natural crust can fully develop and the blue veins can grow throughout.

Format: Whole cheeses from 3.5 to 4 kg

Texture: Semi-hard, slightly creamy cheese.

Color: Orange thanks to the Annatto, with the characteristic blue veins distributed irregularly throughout the interior.

Taste: Creamy, complex, with a very mild piquancy, characteristic of blue cheeses. Hints of earthiness and bodega toward the rind.